Why do I bake?

I love to bake – hopefully you’ll continue reading this blog (and hopefully I’ll be faithful in writing in it) and get to see how much my heart sings when I’m in the kitchen.

Baking is more to me than mixing together flour, sugar, butter, and eggs.    It’s the process of baking that enamors me.  I love to read cookbooks and online food blogs and eat with my eyes before I enter the kitchen.  I look at baking as an opportunity.  Not just to create something delicious, but as an opportunity for me to unwind and focus on what’s in front of me.

Time that I spend baking is probably the only time where my mind isn’t bothered by much else going on in the world.  I don’t need any other stimulation to entertain or energize me – no TV, no radio, no Blackberry, no nothing.  Sure, sharing the kitchen and having a good conversation is nice too, but it’s not  necessary. 

I bake because I get to give it away.  Nothing makes me happier than to know that someone is enjoying a treat I’ve made – if it’s perked up their day, satisfied a gnarly sweet tooth, pushed them through an afternoon slump, or ended a meal with a sigh.  Knowing that something that I’ve created has made someone happy makes ME happier tenfold!  (I’m sure I’ll have posts in the future about the unquenchable need to people-please!)

I bake because I’m often one with a sweet tooth and baking allows me to taste – or sometimes gorge! – on something I’m craving.   Licking the beaters?  Count me in!!   Not enough dough to make a respectable cookie?  A shame!  <pops into mouth>. 

I have my reasons to bake…what are yours?

Do you have a reason to do dishes?  If you do, come over to my place – let’s talk!  You’ll be my BFF in no time!


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