Who is Sweet eNVy?

With this being my third “official” blog post, it’s kinda like the infamous “third date”….where you kinda know whether or not you want to take it to “the next level”. 

Before we move forward, I thought it’d be best to share a little more about myself.  That way, you can decide whether to love me or leave me!   (I’m hoping it’s more of the former!!)

Blog Name:  “Sweet Envy”….My initials are “NV” (Nicole V.).  I like how my initials are a bunch of straight lines, up an down.  Even my middle initial “M” is all up & down movements!  I usually sign off on my e-mails with a simple “NV” – short and sweet.   A couple years ago, one of my co-workers started calling me by my initials, “Hey NV!  Can you come look at this?  “How are you doin’ today NV?”  etc. etc.  Its one of those nicknames I really do like.  Having a massive sweet tooth and an affinitity for baking, “Sweet Envy” was what I went with when signing on to WordPress.   

Nicknames:  I didn’t grow up with many, but you can call me Nicole, NV, Nic….just don’t call me “Nicky”.  You don’t want to see what happened to the last guy who did.

I wish him the best for a speedy recovery.

What am I into: 

  • Baking – Uh, yeah, Obvi!
  • Food – Talking about it, stuffing my face with it, looking at it, smelling it….you get the drift!
  • Restaurants – I’m known as the “Menu Maven” because I have a compulsion to read a menu online before going anywhere!  Must.  Know.  Food!
  • Fitness – I teach a weightlifting class on Sunday mornings at my local gym and I’m also a certified Turbo Kickboxing and Body Pump instructor (though, teaching those two classes always gives me a serious case of the butterflies!)

I just ran in my first marathon – the Palos Verdes Marathon – a little over a week ago.  It was awesome to run through the neighborhoods and on the streets of where I grew up.  I surprised myself with how well I did!  I finished in 3:45 minutes – just 5 minutes short of qualifying for the world famous Boston Marathon.   One day I’ll get there! 

  • Family – I love my family to pieces.  I’m sure I’ll post about them a lot more in the future – individually and as the whole fun-loving, anal-retentive, German/Polak bunch we are!










Gentlemen – I truly appreciate men who act responsibly and treat women with respect and like ladies.  However, girly men – gentlemen who cowar and lack a backbone – I’d like to avoid.

Reading – I do enjoy reading…I just don’t do it as often as I’d like.  I enjoy a good “Murder Mystery” novel.   I’ve been reading a lot of James Patterson books recently.  The chapters are usually no more than six pages each, making the storylines go by rather quickly!  (Perfect for the self-diagnosed A.D.D. reader that I am!)   I also love reading about health and nutrition – whether it be a study published by the Surgeon General’s office or an article in Women’s Health Magazine or the nutrition label on a box of cereal, I’ll read it.

Of course, there are the cookbooks, the food and fitness blogs that I’m addicted to.  A few months ago, I had forgotten to bring one of my normal magazines when going to the gym.  All I had to read was Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess cookbook in my car.  Desperate for something to keep my mind busy while on the elliptical, I brought in the cookbook by the seductress of cuisine herself.  With photographs so sultry it would make anyone salivate, I got some delightfully odd comments by those on the machines around me, trying to workout while having me read a cookbook and stare at pictures of Roast Chicken and Dumplings or Pudding.  “Isn’t that counterintuitive?” one guy asked me.  “Yes, but if you love food like I do, you’ll ingest it any time, any where, any how!”

 I’m also at a good, yet strange, point in my life where I want to make some changes – personally & professionally.  Recently, someone who I was very close to tore me down in an e-mail, essentially saying how he thought everything I was doing was fake and self-serving (likely because he wasn’t getting the full benefit of what I was doing – maybe he realized I had a life outside of him that I enjoyed?). 

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, but have any of you ever had someone just tear you to pieces and say that what you’re currently doing and love to do is sh!t?   Isn’t the best revenge to prove them wrong?  It’s far better than any rebuttal I could ever come up with (and sometimes my rebuttals are pretty witty, if I do say so myself!  <wink>)  . 

So, here’s to living an eNVious life – today and in the future.


How do you define a life of envy?  Is envy good?


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