Yeah, it’s about time I got serious….

Happy New Year everyone!!

It’s a new year, and while I often “pooh-pooh” on resolutions, it’s about time I get serious about a few things.

A couple years ago, a co-worker of mine, Laura, started her blog.  She encouraged me to start one, too.  She and I chatted about what I could blog about – food, fitness, life, etc.  I signed-up here on WordPress, enthused and encouraged by her positive peer-pressure.  And then, like so many other projects I start….nothing happened.

With the start of 2012, I need to start getting serious about accomplishing some goals on a variety of fronts:  Food, Fitness, and Life.

Laura’s initial inspiration and then my own addiction to reading blogs on a daily basis (Hello Courtney, Janae, Monica, Julie, and Shelly!) his blog will cover all three of these things.

Without calling them resolutions, here are the things I need to get serious about:

1)  Run at least two marathons in 2012.

2)  It would be nice to get my RAGING sweet tooth under control to help me lose the extra 10 pounds I’ve put on since my birthday….

3)  Refine my baking skills through taking more baking classes or getting a part-time job for a bakery.

4)  Save enough money to pay off nagging loans.

5)  Stay organized at home – no more being lazy about putting things away!

6)   Live an open, honest, happy, and honorable life through truthfulness.


Those are just some things I’ve thought of off the top of my head….how about you?  What are you going to GET SERIOUS about in 2012?




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