Fighting reality

Greetings from my parent’s house in Palos Verdes!

I’ve been “living here” since Christmas Eve and been spoiled by having so much time away from work.  I’ve definitely enjoyed spending time with my family, been treated to good meals, laundry service (thanks Mom!), and a general lack of care about work. 


But tomorrow, it all come crashing back.

Work.   A schedule.  The feeling of keeping up with everyone who is clammoring to start their business year off on the right foot.  The mobs of people who are starting a new year resolution to get in shape.

I’ve done everything I can to avoid thinking about returning to work tomorrow – I’ve basically been away from the office since December 22 (we had an offsite meeting and holiday party the Wednesday before Christmas – so it feels like forever since I’ve been “to work”.)   

So, what do you think is the best way to jump back into the swing of things at work?

1)  Dive in head-first, going in early or staying late, making the most out of the first week back?

2)  Ease into things.  Keep going with the same attittude that you left the previous year with.

I wonder if it’s all about how you feel about your job – whether it’s your passion or if it’s your paycheck ?  What do you think?


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