I need a clocky…

Or a clock in the head.  I came back from my “staycation” at my parents house last night with the grandest intentions of hitting the gym bright and early in the morning so I wouldn’t have to deal with the after work crowds.  Here’s how this morning played out:

 4:25 a.m.  <Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz>

Get up. 

 Pudder my feet to the alarm.  Hit snooze.

Repeat twice.  

Realize that falling asleep on the couch last night didn’t give you the best night’s sleep. 

Reset alarm for 5:40 to get an early start on the workday.

5:40 a.m.  <Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz>

Jump to the alarm with sleepy-eyed guilt for sleeping in instead of hitting the gym.

Tell myself, “Screw it.  Sleep feels good.  You can go to the gym at lunch…or leave work early and then come home and work.”

Snooze for another 25 minutes.

I used to be SO good about not ever using the snooze bar.  I would think it was such a tease of sleep. 

Now, I abuse it as bad as Augustus Gloop abuses the whipped cream mushrooms at the Wonka factory.  It’s sick.

How do I break this bad habit? 

Are you a snoozer?  Or an up’and’atem kinda person?



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  1. Many years ago, I wrote myself a sticky note on my alarm clock that said “You snooze, you lose! The snooze bar is for the WEAK!” I think it was channeling motivation from my ROTC days. It worked a good six months before I learned to ignore the sticky note.

    Nowadays, my best motivator to get up when the alarm clock goes off is a hungry kitty who goes “purr purr purr” and gets all excited when he hears the alarm clock because he knows that means it’s breakfast time!

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