What I love today…Mio Liquid

I thought I’d take a book from one of my favorite bloggers, Monica, and write a post on what I love today.  She did this as she started off bloggging – I thought this would get me to be more regular with my posts!

I love Mio Liquid!  It gets me to drink TONS of water – like a gallon a day.  I’m sure my kidneys love the extra work they have to do now!  You’re welcome.

I love flavor with my water (lemons in still water, limes in sparkling) and this is a great way to add a huge punch of flavor without adding calories.


My current favorite flavors are Lemonade and Orange Tangerine.  The Orange Tangerine makes my water taste like an Orangecicle.  (It should come as no surprise what the Lemonade flavor tastes like.)   The other flavors are all very good and they all taste like the flavors they describe.  I haven’t tried the caffinated versions yet – I’m a little worried what that plus my normal dose of caffeine (a cup of coffee and/or a Diet Mountain Dew) would do to me on a daily basis.

Have you tried Mio?  What’s your favorite flavor(s)?

Do you like to drink plain water?


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