What I love today…Dave’s Killer Bread

Hello & happy Tuesday to you!I just finished a delicious snack – well, I use it as a breakfast sometimes, too.   Dave’s Killer Bread , toasted, with Smart Balance spread and two egg beaters, scrambled.    Ahhh – I am in love! 🙂

DKB Logo

Dave’s Killer Bread

I discovered Dave’s Killer Bread (DKB) this summer while staying with my brother & sister-in-law in Seattle.  They had two loaves in their fridge – “Powerseed” (with 6 grams of fiber, 500mg Omega-3 from flax seeds, and fruit juice in place of added sugar) and “Blues Bread” (bread with a substantial chewy texture and a bold, sweet flavor with a crunchy, grain-coated crust).  I got to see more varieties of DKB at at the health and fitness expo of the Seattle Marathon (The “excuse” Jason & I used for a trip to Seattle 😉   ).  I loved all the varieties I tried – especially their “SIN DAWG” – a bread that is almost a dessert!  The “Sin Dawg” is fabulous when it’s warmed.  I can imagine sitting inside on a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, the newspaper, and a couple slices of Sin Dawg-gy goodness as an ideal way to start my weekend…..sigh………..Okay, where was I??Dave’s Killer Bread has an interesting and unusual backstory – unlike the stories of many other burgeoning businesses.  The founder, Dave Dahl, grew up the son of a baker.  He never showed interest in the bakery growing up.  In his twenties, Dave suffered bouts of severe depression and turned to drugs as an escape.  He was incarcerated four times.  Finally, in 2001, Dave finally found a real medication that worked to cure his depression.  Once released from prison, Dave’s brother Glenn (then the bakery owner) welcomed Dave back to the family business and Dave began to work his magic in the kitchen, creating a variety of healthy and flavorful breads.  You can read all about Dave Dahl’s story here.

I love DKB for it’s flavor, its texture, but also the story of redemption by Dave.  His journey is a sign that no matter how down and out we feel we are, or we feel others are, there is always the chance for goodness.

Dave Sharing His Journey to a Clean Life

Dave Sharing His Journey to a Clean Life

Check out DKB and let me know what you think!

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  1. I’m thinking that it might’ve actually been the Spelt instead of Blues Bread that we had when you were visiting. But they’re both good!

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