Pinspiration Success!

One of my oldest friends (oldest by means that I’ve known him since I was 9, not age-wise!), Keith, had a birthday yesterday.  I had asked him the previous week at dinner if he would be opposed to having anything sweet show up on his doorstep in honor of his special day.  Being the foodie that he is, of course he said, “of course not!” (was that a weird sentence to anyone else?).    Anyway, he said he’d prefer something chocolatey and instantly, my brain started running through what I could possibly make.

Keith is no slouch in the kitchen – he’s been known to make everything from his own filet mignon with mushroom sauce to chilaquiles and french toast.  The guy knows his food.  That means, my dessert couldn’t be half-assed.  What to make, what to make??  So, naturally, I go to my two favorite sites for recipes:  Allrecipes and Pintrest (which isn’t a site just for food, but to me, that makes up about 92% of my viewing!).

I found this great chocolate cake and frosting recipe and got to work.   The title of the recipe doesn’t lie – this baby is moist (and good)!

Coffee, chocolate……ohhh yeah.   Get some!

Keith's Instagram Birthday

Ta-Daahhh!   Finished product.  (Courtesy Keith’s instagram!)  Keith said the flavor reminded him of those Nips Coffee candies…remember those?

Question:  If someone were to bake you a birthday cake, what kind of homemade cake would you go for?


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