Hey hey!

I’m Nicole, a 31-year old foodie and fitness enthusiast.  My intials are “NV”…and it’s a nickname that I’ve picked up over the years.  I dunno – I just like the way it sounds and it has stuck more than any other nickname I’ve had before.  (Probably because anyone who calls me “Nicky” will get a death glare! 😉    )

I love food – baking it, talking about it, sharing it with others.  I also love hitting the gym and working off the treats I make and enjoy challenging myself with different classes or my own goals of fitness and health.   I started this blog because I have been inspired by the joy and fun that I get from receiving new blog posts from my favorite bloggers Courtney, Julie, Monica, Sarah, Janae, and Janetha.   (I’m calling them all by first name, like I know them or something, but in my mind, they are all celebrities!)

Thanks for coming to my blog – hope to have you back as a regular reader.   And, please don’t be a stranger – I would love to hear from you in comments or via e-mail!


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