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What I love today….Kashi Go Lean

Rise & shine campers!   It’s going to be a ____________(fill in the blank) day!

I woke up this morning a little too late to hit the gym for a solid workout, but a little too early to head in to work.   I got to work around 6:40 – a little early, even for being there early (does that make sense?) so I killed time at Ralphs.   I wanted to grab something to have for breakfast when I remembered I had milk in the fridge at work.  Cereal ALWAYS seems like a good idea.  I wanted something that I wasn’t going to burn right through (oh, Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch….I love you, but I could eat a whole box!).

I grabbed Kashi Go Lean – 140 calories in a cup and 9 grams of protein.  Not too shabby at all!   When you couple this with a little vanilla soy milk, the protein and fill-factor really adds up.

It’s starting to get a little cool in southern California (sorry East-Coasters that are dealing with Hurricane Sandy!), so I heated up my milk and cereal in the microwave and enjoyed!   Soooo tasty!

When I was up in Seattle a few weeks ago visiting my brother and sister-in-law, they had other varieties of Kashi Cereal.  Kashi Go Lean is my favorite for health/calorie + taste reasons.   Best tasting cereal with smart calories and high protein.



What’s your favorite “I can eat a whole box” cereal?

What was your breakfast this morning?


So….this happened this morning

Good morning!   I am having a great day so far!  Let me tell you about it!

I woke up at 4:20 this morning without an alarm and was unable to go back to sleep.  I laid in bed until my alarm DID go off at 4:40 a.m. and was at the gym by 5 o’clock.  I hopped on the treadmill, not knowing what kind of run I was going to have.  I ate waaaaay too much food at lunch yesterday and had felt sluggish the rest of the day (chicken tostada from El Abajeno in Culver City….I love it when the chips get all soft from the chicken and beans….<drool>).

I started off at an easy 6.1 mph for the first 10 minutes and kept increasing the speed as the hour went on.  By the last 10 minutes, I was running at an 8-minute mile pace and feeling great!  I ended up running 7 miles in 61 minutes and walked another quarter mile to cool down.   It feels so awesome leaving the gym before the sun is up, after a good run/workout!

I got home, made a chocolate Shakeology (more on this in another post!), and grabbed some frozen chocolate chip cookie dough from the freezer.  I had made over half the batch of cookies last week for my boyfriend to take tailgating at the UCLA game this past weekend.  Today,  it was time for the last bit to get made…..also, so it wouldn’t sit there and tempt me to eat it every time I opened the freezer door!

I love my recipe for chocolate chip cookies….it has a secret ingredient in it that makes it extra sweet and extra vanilla-y….so good!  (Shhh….it’s crack.)  It’s hard for me to keep my hands off the dough.  For some reason though, I have an easier time staying away from actual coookies.   Weird.

I brought them in to work and the plate is over half gone already.    ….maybe I did put crack in this batch.    Shhhh!

Anyway, such an awesome start to my Tuesday!  Working out and baking….I don’t know if my day could be any better before 7:00 a.m.!


Yes or No:  Do you eat raw cookie dough?        If you do, what’s your favorite flavor cookie dough to have?

Tell me about how your ideal day would start? 

Are you a morning or evening exerciser?

Pinspiration Success!

One of my oldest friends (oldest by means that I’ve known him since I was 9, not age-wise!), Keith, had a birthday yesterday.  I had asked him the previous week at dinner if he would be opposed to having anything sweet show up on his doorstep in honor of his special day.  Being the foodie that he is, of course he said, “of course not!” (was that a weird sentence to anyone else?).    Anyway, he said he’d prefer something chocolatey and instantly, my brain started running through what I could possibly make.

Keith is no slouch in the kitchen – he’s been known to make everything from his own filet mignon with mushroom sauce to chilaquiles and french toast.  The guy knows his food.  That means, my dessert couldn’t be half-assed.  What to make, what to make??  So, naturally, I go to my two favorite sites for recipes:  Allrecipes and Pintrest (which isn’t a site just for food, but to me, that makes up about 92% of my viewing!).

I found this great chocolate cake and frosting recipe and got to work.   The title of the recipe doesn’t lie – this baby is moist (and good)!

Coffee, chocolate……ohhh yeah.   Get some!

Keith's Instagram Birthday

Ta-Daahhh!   Finished product.  (Courtesy Keith’s instagram!)  Keith said the flavor reminded him of those Nips Coffee candies…remember those?

Question:  If someone were to bake you a birthday cake, what kind of homemade cake would you go for?

What I love today…Dave’s Killer Bread

Hello & happy Tuesday to you!I just finished a delicious snack – well, I use it as a breakfast sometimes, too.   Dave’s Killer Bread , toasted, with Smart Balance spread and two egg beaters, scrambled.    Ahhh – I am in love! 🙂

DKB Logo

Dave’s Killer Bread

I discovered Dave’s Killer Bread (DKB) this summer while staying with my brother & sister-in-law in Seattle.  They had two loaves in their fridge – “Powerseed” (with 6 grams of fiber, 500mg Omega-3 from flax seeds, and fruit juice in place of added sugar) and “Blues Bread” (bread with a substantial chewy texture and a bold, sweet flavor with a crunchy, grain-coated crust).  I got to see more varieties of DKB at at the health and fitness expo of the Seattle Marathon (The “excuse” Jason & I used for a trip to Seattle 😉   ).  I loved all the varieties I tried – especially their “SIN DAWG” – a bread that is almost a dessert!  The “Sin Dawg” is fabulous when it’s warmed.  I can imagine sitting inside on a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, the newspaper, and a couple slices of Sin Dawg-gy goodness as an ideal way to start my weekend…..sigh………..Okay, where was I??Dave’s Killer Bread has an interesting and unusual backstory – unlike the stories of many other burgeoning businesses.  The founder, Dave Dahl, grew up the son of a baker.  He never showed interest in the bakery growing up.  In his twenties, Dave suffered bouts of severe depression and turned to drugs as an escape.  He was incarcerated four times.  Finally, in 2001, Dave finally found a real medication that worked to cure his depression.  Once released from prison, Dave’s brother Glenn (then the bakery owner) welcomed Dave back to the family business and Dave began to work his magic in the kitchen, creating a variety of healthy and flavorful breads.  You can read all about Dave Dahl’s story here.

I love DKB for it’s flavor, its texture, but also the story of redemption by Dave.  His journey is a sign that no matter how down and out we feel we are, or we feel others are, there is always the chance for goodness.

Dave Sharing His Journey to a Clean Life

Dave Sharing His Journey to a Clean Life

Check out DKB and let me know what you think!

(pictures & background source)

What I love today…Mio Liquid

I thought I’d take a book from one of my favorite bloggers, Monica, and write a post on what I love today.  She did this as she started off bloggging – I thought this would get me to be more regular with my posts!

I love Mio Liquid!  It gets me to drink TONS of water – like a gallon a day.  I’m sure my kidneys love the extra work they have to do now!  You’re welcome.

I love flavor with my water (lemons in still water, limes in sparkling) and this is a great way to add a huge punch of flavor without adding calories.


My current favorite flavors are Lemonade and Orange Tangerine.  The Orange Tangerine makes my water taste like an Orangecicle.  (It should come as no surprise what the Lemonade flavor tastes like.)   The other flavors are all very good and they all taste like the flavors they describe.  I haven’t tried the caffinated versions yet – I’m a little worried what that plus my normal dose of caffeine (a cup of coffee and/or a Diet Mountain Dew) would do to me on a daily basis.

Have you tried Mio?  What’s your favorite flavor(s)?

Do you like to drink plain water?

Finding New Direction

How many times have I started and stopped blogging?   Too many to count at this point.  I can hope, pray, promise, vow, bribe myself to blog on a more regular basis, but we can see.  I wonder how many other bloggers out there have this same problem until they get a regular routine set-up?  Are you one of them?

Two weeks ago, I lost my Mom to cancer.  She was my closest confidant, my confidence, my reassurance, my go-to, my phone call in the morning, my best friend, my inspiration for living a good and happy life.  She’s gone and I miss her terribly.  My levels of sadness range from having a minor lump in my throat to crying so hard my face hurts.

She lived a life to be modeled.  She was the wife to my Dad for 39 happy years.  Never once did I see them argue or raise their voice at one another.  They were best friends and soul mates.  He was her “rock” and she gave him “such an amazing life”.  They didn’t show their love openly, but you just “knew” the depths of their love by the way they took care and spoke of each other.  She worked hard and loved what she did (she was the registrar my High School and worked there for 17 years).   She was also an amazing mother – someone who could spend forever listening to you, do whatever it takes to make you succeed, and always found ways to make you feel special.  She would “adopt” any and all of my friends as children of her own – always showing love and care to them and their lives.

Now, she’s left us to find our own way.  I hope and pray that I have her guidance as I find new directions to take in my life.  For me, I can use this as an opportunity to find what works best for me, to live the life I want to live, and establish/re-establish routines to make my life happy and productive.  My mom was so strong.  She was able to work and stay happy and productive during her battle with cancer that spanned over five years.  Always strong, always positive.  I could learn a lot from that woman….

After my Mom’s funeral services, the best compliment I received was, “You are your mother’s daughter.”  I can only hope that I lead my life with the same grace, ethic, and good nature as she did.


I started off the year with a few consistent blog posts, thinking I’d get myself on a roll.  Well, so much for that! 

I need to remember that this blogging thing will take time and practice and CONSISTENCY.    What I think is holding me back the most is the fact that I’m a girl without a camera.  I do have my cell phone camera, but really, those pictures are kinda very low quality. 

Until I save some pennies, I’ll be doing my best to post regularly and keep you all informed of my baking and fitness successes and failures.

Baking Success:  Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake, courtesy of Allrecipes!  I made it and brought it into work today.   I received a bunch of compliments (even from folks who usually don’t say anything other than “thanks”!), so I would say it’s a “must try” recipe.    I stole a few handful of crumbs….quality assurance baby!)  It IS good!  …not to mention super simple!  Just needs a big bowl of ice cream to go along with it….. <sigh>  Life would be a dream…

HOPING for Fitness Success:  This weekend we’re launching a new BodyPump release – #80.  I haven’t been practicing as much as I know I SHOULD, so I’ve been cramming in as much as I can while I’m driving and will be meeting up with some of the other instructors tomorrow night for a “Last Chance Practice Session”.  Thank God for good teammates and fitness friends!

That’s it from me for now….Here’s wishing you a productive day.   ….And better regularity in all parts of your life! 


I need a clocky…

Or a clock in the head.  I came back from my “staycation” at my parents house last night with the grandest intentions of hitting the gym bright and early in the morning so I wouldn’t have to deal with the after work crowds.  Here’s how this morning played out:

 4:25 a.m.  <Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz>

Get up. 

 Pudder my feet to the alarm.  Hit snooze.

Repeat twice.  

Realize that falling asleep on the couch last night didn’t give you the best night’s sleep. 

Reset alarm for 5:40 to get an early start on the workday.

5:40 a.m.  <Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz>

Jump to the alarm with sleepy-eyed guilt for sleeping in instead of hitting the gym.

Tell myself, “Screw it.  Sleep feels good.  You can go to the gym at lunch…or leave work early and then come home and work.”

Snooze for another 25 minutes.

I used to be SO good about not ever using the snooze bar.  I would think it was such a tease of sleep. 

Now, I abuse it as bad as Augustus Gloop abuses the whipped cream mushrooms at the Wonka factory.  It’s sick.

How do I break this bad habit? 

Are you a snoozer?  Or an up’and’atem kinda person?


Fighting reality

Greetings from my parent’s house in Palos Verdes!

I’ve been “living here” since Christmas Eve and been spoiled by having so much time away from work.  I’ve definitely enjoyed spending time with my family, been treated to good meals, laundry service (thanks Mom!), and a general lack of care about work. 


But tomorrow, it all come crashing back.

Work.   A schedule.  The feeling of keeping up with everyone who is clammoring to start their business year off on the right foot.  The mobs of people who are starting a new year resolution to get in shape.

I’ve done everything I can to avoid thinking about returning to work tomorrow – I’ve basically been away from the office since December 22 (we had an offsite meeting and holiday party the Wednesday before Christmas – so it feels like forever since I’ve been “to work”.)   

So, what do you think is the best way to jump back into the swing of things at work?

1)  Dive in head-first, going in early or staying late, making the most out of the first week back?

2)  Ease into things.  Keep going with the same attittude that you left the previous year with.

I wonder if it’s all about how you feel about your job – whether it’s your passion or if it’s your paycheck ?  What do you think?

Yeah, it’s about time I got serious….

Happy New Year everyone!!

It’s a new year, and while I often “pooh-pooh” on resolutions, it’s about time I get serious about a few things.

A couple years ago, a co-worker of mine, Laura, started her blog.  She encouraged me to start one, too.  She and I chatted about what I could blog about – food, fitness, life, etc.  I signed-up here on WordPress, enthused and encouraged by her positive peer-pressure.  And then, like so many other projects I start….nothing happened.

With the start of 2012, I need to start getting serious about accomplishing some goals on a variety of fronts:  Food, Fitness, and Life.

Laura’s initial inspiration and then my own addiction to reading blogs on a daily basis (Hello Courtney, Janae, Monica, Julie, and Shelly!) his blog will cover all three of these things.

Without calling them resolutions, here are the things I need to get serious about:

1)  Run at least two marathons in 2012.

2)  It would be nice to get my RAGING sweet tooth under control to help me lose the extra 10 pounds I’ve put on since my birthday….

3)  Refine my baking skills through taking more baking classes or getting a part-time job for a bakery.

4)  Save enough money to pay off nagging loans.

5)  Stay organized at home – no more being lazy about putting things away!

6)   Live an open, honest, happy, and honorable life through truthfulness.


Those are just some things I’ve thought of off the top of my head….how about you?  What are you going to GET SERIOUS about in 2012?