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I started off the year with a few consistent blog posts, thinking I’d get myself on a roll.  Well, so much for that! 

I need to remember that this blogging thing will take time and practice and CONSISTENCY.    What I think is holding me back the most is the fact that I’m a girl without a camera.  I do have my cell phone camera, but really, those pictures are kinda very low quality. 

Until I save some pennies, I’ll be doing my best to post regularly and keep you all informed of my baking and fitness successes and failures.

Baking Success:  Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake, courtesy of Allrecipes!  I made it and brought it into work today.   I received a bunch of compliments (even from folks who usually don’t say anything other than “thanks”!), so I would say it’s a “must try” recipe.    I stole a few handful of crumbs….quality assurance baby!)  It IS good!  …not to mention super simple!  Just needs a big bowl of ice cream to go along with it….. <sigh>  Life would be a dream…

HOPING for Fitness Success:  This weekend we’re launching a new BodyPump release – #80.  I haven’t been practicing as much as I know I SHOULD, so I’ve been cramming in as much as I can while I’m driving and will be meeting up with some of the other instructors tomorrow night for a “Last Chance Practice Session”.  Thank God for good teammates and fitness friends!

That’s it from me for now….Here’s wishing you a productive day.   ….And better regularity in all parts of your life!